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CPR is a trusted event agency in Hong Kong, helping companies put up a great show and realize a higher ROI. Our event planning Hong Kong team has rich experience organizing and executing various kinds of events, and the supporting services to go with it. If you’re looking to create a memorable experience, our event agency has great ideas for you!

Types of Event Management

in Hong Kong

Every event has a strategic value for businesses. Brand awareness, sales, reputation management and consumer engagement are examples of some goals our event agency has helped brands achieve. We’re proud that our efforts have generated tangible benefits for our clients. Our event planning Hong Kong team can help you with the following:

  • Grand openings
  • Press conferences
  • Product launches
  • Exhibitions
  • Sports events
  • Award ceremonies
  • Networking events
  • Brand activations
  • Media tours
  • Workshops
  • And much more…

Event Agency Case Studies

Our event agency in Hong Kong is proud to have planned and organized the following events in the past:

  • Pinkoi Design Fest 2022
  • Matsumoto Kiyoshi APM & Causeway Bay Store Opening
  • Harvey Nichols experimental retail space “SANDBOX” Opening
  • THE FOREST 波鞋街節 —— 焫著 Summer!2021
  • THE FOREST “Anyground Is Your Playground” 2020
  • Adidas Sports Base 2015, 2017, 2019
  • Adidas Run for the Oceans Event
  • AAPE BY *A BATHING APE® One Point Tee D.I.Y Workshop 2019
  • Times Square Dragon Ball Event 2019

Our event planning Hong Kong team understands that every occasion is unique. Creating a magical event is all about grasping the brief and aligning it with other promotional activities. Our event agency Hong Kong services are tailored to your requirements, and we ensure that your objectives are central in any activities undertaken. We believe a tight alignment with what your event should look, sound and feel will help deliver the desired results in the end. 

Highlights of Our Event Planning Services

A lot goes into event planning for Hong Kong clients, that’s why brands often enlist the help of professional event management Hong Kong companies for their promotional campaigns. Our end-to-end event agency services include the following:

1.Developing Creative Concept:

Our event agency Hong Kong team loves an original idea as much as you do. We’re open to inspirations, and will ensure your event is uniquely you.

3.Event Strategy Planning:

Based on the event goals, our event management Hong Kong team will devise a strategy that will guide all other activities. It’s granular, determining the resources that will go into organizing the event. 

2.Supporting Communications:

Even the best event cannot sell itself. Our event agency plans a range of communication strategies leading up to your event, taking care of content creation, media relations, social media campaigns and much more. 

4.Perfect Execution:

After shaping your event, we get things rolling, putting plans into motion, and paying attention to key details in the run up to the big day. Our event agency leaves no stone unturned in making your occasion a grand success. 

Private & Public Tailor-made

Event Management in Hong Kong

When hosting an event, there are several factors to consider. First are the venue, design, staffing, and logistics, and then there are the other often-forgotten tasks that go into making a successful occasion. Needless to say, merely figuring out how to organize the whole occasion satisfactorily can be stressful. There’s always that needling worry about improving it – worse, the chance you might forget something critical or how to make the occasion truly shine. Have you ever wondered how to ensure media presence at your press conference, product launch, or media day? It’s a common challenge many will face during event management in Hong Kong, when they want their awesome program, service, or product to be visible in the market.

Thankfully, you are not alone in this. As event planning Hong Kong experts with an extensive network, we can make your occasion more impressionable and your idea/product become more visible. From corporate celebrations and gala dinners to product launches, from workshops and media tours to exhibitions, we’ve done it all. Our event agency in Hong Kong knows what to expect at each step of the way – and what needs to be done. Our trusted team of professionals can take care of and manage every aspect. So, you can save your energy and experience a stress-free, tailor-made event agency solution that is designed to meet your every need.

Why Choose Our Event Agency?

Unlike any other event agency in Hong Kong, our team comprises event planning Hong Kong specialists with a thorough knowledge of every aspect and detail of organizing every type of occasion. Whether it’s a private gathering or a high-profile public one, we have the expertise to handle it all.


Our event agency is both traditional as well as experimental, and our ideas are designed around your organization’s culture and the specific type of event you wish to host. When it comes to creativity, you get the best from us. From the clever use of details and space to using the best décor, we ensure every element seamlessly comes together and meets your business objectives. What’s more, our event agency also takes care of everything that happens behind the scenes too, ensuring smooth execution and leaving you free to focus on what matters most – your guests and a truly special experience.


On the other hand, our event agency’s technological expertise and reliable logistical support ensures that your events go on smoothly every time. We use the latest equipment and tech tools to create experiential events that linger in your audience’s minds long after. Our event agency in Hong Kong can use a repeatable tech set-up that works beautifully for every event or creates something bespoke exclusively as required. Whatever the route, our event tech strategy drives forward your event objects unfailingly.


  • Save time and money
  • Get access to a host of vendors and contractors
  • Reduce the stress of organizing
  • Ensure your vision becomes a reality
  • No logistical hassles – we take care of it all
  • Secure media coverage and attendance

Our Event Planning Hong Kong Team

We are a well-known event agency in Hong Kong, and we’ve provided end-to-end event management in Hong Kong for major international and local brands alike. Our expertise and experience in planning and executing a variety of events makes us a one-stop provider. Many of our clients fulfill their recurring event needs through us. 

Our team consists of brand strategists, event specialists, social media marketers and public relations veterans. An interdisciplinary team brings its unique skills, navigates challenges, and executes a shared vision of your event. We’re led by a seasoned communications and PR professional, under whom we have thrived and gone beyond frontiers of event management in Hong Kong. 

Our Awards

At the 2016 Marketing Journal MARKies Awards, our event agency in Hong Kong received four gongs in the Best Idea and the Best Use of Integrated Media categories. Since our establishment, we’ve been delivering quality work and creating top value for our clients. Over the years, we’ve built a strong reputation for quality event planning in Hong Kong. We continue being the top choice for event management in Hong Kong thanks to our strong track record of organizing and implementing projects successfully, to short deadlines. 

Your event planning in Hong Kong begins as efficiently as possible with us. Once you have a conceptual idea of your event, please email them to us, and we’ll get back to you with a proposal as soon as possible. 

About Our Event Agency Services – FAQs:

1. Is event management in Hong Kong possible with a small team?
Event planning in Hong Kong calls for the coordinated efforts of many professionals. It may be manageable in-house so long as you have the suitable talent and they have the bandwidth to oversee and execute the event along with their other job duties. Large scale events may be harder to plan in-house with limited resources. In this case, an event agency, like us, is your best bet. 
2. Can your event agency execute an event on a short deadline?
Yes, we can! We’re well-resourced to take on and honor multiple event management Hong Kong projects at the same time. We do, however, promote the importance of early event planning in Hong Kong. In the time you gain, you may be able to put together better event concepts than if you had only a week or less to launch day. 
3. I want maximum media coverage for my next event. What should I do?
We will need to create a plan to get said media coverage. You can share news and press releases of your event on radio channels, print journals, and popular media websites, blogs and podcasts. Also, you can have media houses and KOLs covering your event, and broadcasting it on their channels. This is easier when we have cultivated relationships with the media. We are proud to be a professional event agency in Hong Kong that can maximize media coverage for your event.
4. What are the key components of event planning?
If you’ve organized an event before, you’ll know it takes immense work. Event management in Hong Kong is a full-time job, the reason why companies would rather hand it off to a professional event agency rather than managing it in-house.

It begins with an understanding of what the event must achieve – the purpose for organizing it. Based on this objective and its priority for the business, a budget is prepared. When and where the event will be conducted is an early consideration, and event details are then planned. The lead up to the event can be pretty frenzied on a short deadline, but it isn’t anything an experienced event agency in Hong Kong cannot handle. 

Needless to say, everyone involved must stay on the ball to proactively manage any unforeseen issues or occurrences. A big team and an established vendor network make event management in Hong Kong less difficult and perhaps more structured too. A large-scale event or one that has considerable strategic value for your company should ideally be overseen by specialists in event planning in Hong Kong.  

5. Do you use new technologies for events?
It’s amazing how new tech can create new possibilities for events. Wearables are today a fixture at events. The eyewear, earwear, smart badges and wristbands may not have escaped you. AR/VR is transforming the event experience, allowing people to interact with products and settings in ways that were impossible before. COVID-19 has led to hybrid events offering the best of physical and online engagement. 

Our team has diligently kept track of new technologies that are being embraced in event planning in Hong Kong. We’ve weighed the pros and cons of the hottest new event tech and determined which ones can make the most impact without the exorbitant costs. Our event agency in Hong Kong incorporates technologies that make sense for your event, and avoid those that are more about show and less about value.