Celebrities, KOLs &

Athletes Marketing


Getting the Best to Represent Your Brand

Today, one of the most successful strategies when marketing products and services to younger demographics is to get a celebrity or key opinion leader (KOL) to endorse your brand. But getting the attention of these celebrities and KOLs to notice your brand, believe in you and your goals, and agree to represent your brand is a complex task.

Over the years, we have built a strong network of celebrities, KOLs, bloggers, artists, and well-known trainers for various collaborations. From social media sharing and creative content creation and various types of productions – we have successfully paired these people with various businesses and created authentic partnerships.

Our established network of KOLs, artists, celebrities, bloggers and trainers can extend the reach of your brand. We can help you recruit them for your upcoming event or plan a collaboration. We can also have them create authoritative content, offer their expertise, or share your brand and products on their social media channels. We pursue flexible partnerships with our KOL network. Their collaboration and inputs have led to excellent awareness and engagement for our clients’ campaigns.

Why Choose Us?

  • Flexible partnership solutions
  • Maximize brand awareness
  • Maximize engagement from your campaigns

Past Partnerships:


  • Artists/Celebrities: Keung To, Edan Lui, Jeffrey Ngai, Denis Kwok 193, Poki Ng, Kenny Wong, Sammi Cheng, Joyce Cheng, Eason Chan, Grace Chan, Nick Cheung, Sarah Song, Gin Lee, Laudrina Ho, Dear Jane, Supper Moment and others.
  • Athletes/Trainers: David Beckham, Vivian Kong, Stephanie Au, Cheung Ka Long, Chan Wai Ho, Eric Wong, Virginia Lo, Maisy Ma and others.
  • Influencers/KOLs: Elva Ni, Christy Leung, Stefanie Ngai, Galaxyman, Pamela Cheung, Leanne Fu, Renee Li, Cherry Lee, MeChan, Chungchung and others.
  • Emcees: Janis Chan, Sammy Leung, Celina Chan, Karl Ting, Linna Huynh, Kelly Chan, Desmond So, Keith Mok, Hazel Wong and others.