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Successful companies have one thing in common – powerful, practical, and well thought of marketing and branding strategies that ensure their competitiveness. In today’s world of fierce competition, your marketing and branding strategies can make or break your business.

CPR is a branding and marketing agency in Hong Kong that goes above and beyond to meet your marketing and branding goals and objectives.

Why You Need a One-Stop Hong Kong Branding & Marketing Agency

Marketing and branding go hand-in-hand. Concentrating on one and not on the other is an expensive mistake just waiting to happen. Hiring a separate marketing agency and branding agency can lead to various issues. There is the danger of inconsistency in branding and marketing across advertising and promotions, and it simply defeats the purpose of one voice and one message.

That’s why it’s critical to use a branding agency in Hong Kong that can create your unique brand and work on multiple services simultaneously. Some of these services include brand development, digital marketing, video production, content creation, social media campaigns, and more. As an experienced marketing agency in HK, we ensure your branding goals and marketing plans are aligned for success.

Making a Difference & Staying Ahead

In a fast-paced market like Hong Kong, being a market leader means paying attention to detail, not allowing little things to slip, as well as being result-driven, authentic, innovative, and collaborative.

How do we know? It’s what we are and what our marketing agency does to meet every client’s goal of staying ahead as market leaders. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our branding agency has honed our skills and gained invaluable insights that enable us to navigate the dynamic landscape of Hong Kong’s market with confidence and expertise.

We don’t just weave stories –
We create fantastic stories that inspire and drive business results.

What our marketing agency does might seem like high-quality branding, content creation, event planning, media relations, videography and photography, social media campaigning – and all the other critical bits of marketing. But to us, every project we take on for our clients is driven by consistent passion and enthusiasm, creativity and innovation, resourcefulness and commitment. Our unwavering professionalism ensures that our branding agency delivers exceptional results and exceeds our clients’ expectations every step of the way.

Our branding agency shuts out the noise,
and concentrate on what matters the most to your business.

Today, marketing is fragmented. That means no single marketing agency solution alone can exert enough influence to move customers in a particular direction.

When creating their marketing/branding strategy, businesses must consider exclusivity, personalization, and hyper-customization. Then numerous channels, platforms, and technologies must be included. Not to mention buzzwords like AI, data-driven this and data-driven that, marketing algorithms, digital marketing, insights-driven, and conversational marketing strategies – the list is endless. When businesses try to put all this together, it’s all just noise that does not fit together to form an integrated whole. Instead, it just offers a fragmented customer experience.

We as a branding agency in Hong Kong have developed strategies to inspect, investigate, and sift through the noise. That way, we have been able to successfully concentrate only on the aspects that matter to each client and what brings their business results.

Why Should You Choose Our Branding Agency? 

Our marketing agency believes branding is more than just a beautiful logo or a witty tagline. It represents who you are – your company’s goals, values, mission, and personality. From comprehensive brand strategy development to meticulous logo designs, we offer a range of branding agency solutions that are custom-designed around each client’s business goals and tailored to their specific and unique needs.

Are you having trouble with your branding? Are you looking for a reliable branding agency in Hong Kong? We believe in supporting your goals and objectives while creating the best version of your brand. We’re not just another marketing agency – we are storytellers and problem solvers, dedicated to solving your communication, branding, and marketing needs. Every member at our marketing agency HK team is skilful, professional, passionate and committed to creating high-quality work. Here’s how you can benefit from partnering with us:

  • Differentiate your brand from competitors
  • Enhance brand recognition and recall
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Establish better brand experiences
  • Create a cohesive and consistent brand identity
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Increase market share and expand your customer base
  • Increase brand equity and overall business value
  • Get access to expert advice and strategies

Our wide range of branding agency services include creative brand strategy, brand identity, brand designing, planning, development and activation, and a wide range of other brand management services.

Our Marketing & Branding Agency Services:

As a leading marketing agency in HK,
we offer a multitude of services under one roof which includes:

Clients, Partners & Projects

Our marketing agency has worked with these brands over the years:

Looking for a Bold & Different
  Marketing Agency in HK? 

Are you frustrated with your existing marketing or branding strategy? If you are looking for a marketing agency that can propel your business forward by delivering all of the above (and more) – then you’ve found it.


We are a one-stop-shop branding agency in Hong Kong that manages events from conception to execution, including organising them, media publicity, social media marketing, advertising and artist liaison. With our vast data of contacts and media relations across the region, we not only cultivate large-scale events but also maximize positive editorial coverage.


With our expert knowledge and professionalism, our marketing and branding agency is not just optimistic – we ensure your business grows by helping you communicate, inspire, and connect with your customers. Our branding agency in Hong Kong helps CEOs and marketing heads who are unhappy that their current marketing and brand endeavors are not providing the expected results. If this problematic scenario sounds familiar to you, our marketing agency in HK is ready to listen to your pain points and discuss how we can help you. Call our marketing and branding agency today at +852 6680 6889 or email us at info@cprcomm.com.

About Our Founder – Cuby Fu

Cuby has over 17 years of experience in the PR industry, and a wide network of media contacts. She graduated from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the United Kingdom with a Postgraduate Diploma (PgD). Previously a partner at Frement PR, Six Degrees PR, PR Networks, Oink Oink PR, and numerous production houses in the luxury, culture, and food industries, where she worked on a range of projects including adidas; Reebok, Nike, Pure Yoga, Harvey Nichols, 1664, The Forest, Times Square, Lee Gardens, Undefeated, Marks and Spencer, HOM, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Christian Dior, Mont Blanc, Nokia, Giorgio Armani, Benefit, Kose, Ferrari, BMW, Audi, AIGLE, Marc Jacobs & Uber etc…….

Awards & Honours


As a marketing agency in HK, we have established a strong reputation for delivering high-quality service, industry experience, and the ability to meet tight deadlines. Our marketing and branding agency has received four awards in 2016, including Best Idea and the Best Use of Integrated Media categories by The Marketing Journal MARKies Awards.

About Our Marketing Agency Services – FAQs:

1. What is the difference between branding and marketing?
Branding and marketing are like the two sides of a coin. One cannot exist without the other. Branding is a critical part of every marketing agency’s strategy. While branding represents your story about why you exist, values, and your long-term promise to your customers, marketing concerns itself with connecting with your target audience and delivering on that promise. Together, they create a powerful synergy that helps your business thrive.
2. How do you track the success of your branding agency strategy?
We are a marketing and branding agency in Hong Kong that believes for any branding or marketing strategy to be successful, it must be thoughtfully planned, carefully tested, adapted, and optimized. Our marketing agency’s excellent track record and success cases speak for themselves.
3. What creative qualifications or skills will your branding agency Hong Kong team have?
Our marketing agency HK team comprises brand strategists, researchers, content creators and designers. These experts in their fields collectively bring to the table their analytical and strategic thinking skills and creativity. Their industry training is impressive and varies from design, psychology, and writing to business, arts, and communication. It’s a combination of these various skills and fields that make our branding agency in Hong Kong more successful than our competitors.
4. Will I work with an individual from your marketing agency, or a team?
When you go to a branding agency, you often get to communicate with a single branding agent. The disadvantages of this approach include miscommunication with team members, misinterpretation of information, and, finally, the result often a less than desirable overall marketing agency strategy.

On the other hand, our marketing agency HK team consists of various specialists, who each have the skills to understand various aspects of your business. All their input goes into creating your marketing/branding strategy.

5. How will you create a branding agency strategy for my company?
Several steps are involved in creating a sound branding strategy that is right for your company. The first step is all about us understanding who you are, your business, and your goals. Our branding agency Hong Kong team will have several conversations with you regarding these, as it is a crucial step to creating a successful overall branding strategy. Next, our expert team of market researchers and consumer behaviorists study the market and gain in-depth insight into your consumers as well as their behavior. Then, our various teams come together to ideate, unlock new ideas, devise comprehensive strategies, craft a brand story, and build a seamless and impactful customer experience for your business.

With over 20 years of experience in creating branding strategies for various companies across multiple industries, our marketing agency has a reputation for delivering high-quality services and meeting tight deadlines.

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